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Stage show in transparents bubbles

A flow of magical transparent spheres, reflecting light and grace. Also, evolving at a sound of selected music in a sensual and dynamic animated bubble ballet of professional and confirmed artists.

Spheric E-Motion - dynamic dance shows in bubbles!
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Spheric E-Motion create amazing visual stage shows of dance in transparent spheres. Our shows are provided for galas and many special events. If, you want to impress your clients… and, you are looking for a strong, grandiose, dynamic visual show performance in crystal-clear balls and for instance, it should be with content and dimension, mixing light and movement, elegance and grace; Spheric E-Motion will thus tailor your required performance show with your expectations and wishes. . And with strong technical artistic knowledge of stage shows your event will be transported to a real magical fairy-like atmospheres.
D- 10439 Berlin Berlin Emilie Bajard 03041198895 • Islaendische. Str.4
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